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  • Couch to 80k
    I’m doing the “Couch to 80k” – a writing bootcamp from writer and poet Tim Clare. For more information go here: Other than Brad and work I don’t think I’ve stuck with anything this long, I usually give up. Exercise Eleven Part A Write about a person. Where they [read more...]

Other sites I visit often


Rhys Wynne A good read. Has some interesting posts about all sort of things from personal to blog sites to gaming.

Sean Writes Words Some personal posts, well written by a genuinely nice bloke.

Vegan Stuff

Hairy Vegans One day they (me and Sam!) might do something with this.


Alistair Appleton This is a blog I’ve been reading for a long long time. It’s not so much a blog anytime but a website for him but it used to be full of very interesting and personal posts.

Drew Lynch He doesn’t so much write a blog but I check his website often for tour dates. Funny and cute.


Jason’s Movie Blog I don’t often agree with Jason but his posts are still a joy to read.


Hunter Kincaid Gay sex and body positivity. Over 18’s only. You’ve been warned.

About Me

Straight 4 pay

The details of my life are quite inconsequential… very well, where do I begin? My father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low-grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. My mother was a fifteen-year-old French prostitute named Chloe with webbed feet.

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Couch to 80k

Couch to 80K – Week Two – Day Three

I’m doing the “Couch to 80k” – a writing bootcamp from writer and poet Tim Clare. For more information go here: Exercise Nine Another free write. Write on any subject. Keep writing for ten minutes. I don’t believe in ghosts. I don’t believe in an after life. I don’t [read more…]

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Parallel Universes

I’ve been ill for the last five days. Proper sick like. Fluids coming out of every hole but you don’t need to know about that. During my sick time I’ve been spending a lot of time alone (on the toilet) and either reading or thinking, while not screaming out in [read more…]

Random Thoughts

Grandfather Paradox

I love theories around time travel. I don’t think time travel will ever be possible. When I’m asked why one of my answers is that if it was possible someone would have come back and told us. This rebuked with descriptions of how time travel will be so heavily policed [read more…]

Image shows the Art Loyola building at NUIG
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And we’re back…

Here I am starting my second year at university. After completing last year I officially get a certificate in Social Care. A certificate that essentially doesn’t mean a lot if I want to take this career further. I’m still trying to arrange a placement. My placement last term was cut [read more…]

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Eurovision and new friends

Last night we went to a Eurovision party. When I say “we went to” I actually mean I was working at it — DJing. And although it was a party it was actually a fundraiser for the Galway Musical Society. Jay Bae asked me a few months ago if I’d [read more…]

Random Thoughts


For a few years now I have kept a handwritten diary and a diary on my phone.  My diary is on every personal device I have. Before I start this entry and what it’s about let me explain something – I’m a massive Apple fan. Nothing you can say is [read more…]


Great-granny and her rules.

Looking through old files on my computer I found this speech that I gave at Toastmasters.  It was my fourth ever speech. My great-grandmother was a formidable women who was the typical matriarch of her family.  Up until the day she got married she lead a double life.  Her parents [read more…]

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Twelve Reasons Why I Love Her

A few years ago, more than I can be bothered to count, I decided I’d had quite an interesting life and would write my autobiography. I wrote quite a few chapters and kept going back and editing them and padding them out a bit. I took out some stories, added [read more…]

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My Hearing Loss Story – ish!

Yesterday, a fella I follow on Mastodon, John, posted this:  It’s a really interesting article where Mary Louise Kelly talks about her hearing loss and some of what she says resonates with me. It’s worth a read. Anyway, I thought I’d share my hearing loss journey*. Unlike hers, my [read more…]

Random Thoughts

Be thoughtful this Christmas

As Christmas day approaches we find ourselves surrounded by family and friends and loved ones who we want to celebrate the day with but, for most, there is always an empty seat at the dinner table. Loss is difficult at any time of the year but during the holiday season [read more…]

Random Thoughts

Scheuermann’s Disease

I’ve suffered for years with a bad back.  When I was ten I was diagnoses with something called “Scheuermann’s Disease.” Wikipedia describes it like this: Scheuermann’s disease is a self-limiting skeletal disorder of childhood. Scheuermann’s disease describes a condition where the vertebrae grow unevenly with respect to the sagittal plane; [read more…]

Rather Weighty This


At the Mad About The Voice Ireland event I won a chocolate biscuit cake in the raffle. It was delicious. I know because I ate most of it. Brad had some but not much. I’m sure you can imagine that knowing how much I’d eaten this week played heavy (pardon [read more…]

Rather Weighty This

Milestones and Mistakes

Tuesday is weigh in day for me and yesterday was no different. I was down 1lb. That’s me down a stone since coming back to WW. I’m over-joyed by this. Nine weeks of being back at WW, eight weeks of weigh-ins, not one gain. I had one week where there [read more…]

Rather Weighty This

*RWT Import* – Making Changes

A few days ago a guy I follow on Twitter posted the tweet below. Trying to edit the video I posted to the @FitterYouGlobal FB group of my 150 pressups but with a “modesty oblong” so I can post it on here, but my Adobe Premiere skills are not at that [read more…]


Writing 1.2

EDIT: I started this again. See here: Day two of the writing course. We had to write words we like and don’t like. I struggled with this as words I don’t like, other than “okey-dokey”, isn’t something I’ve ever really thought of. And I have my reason for not [read more…]

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I am back at university and loving it. I’ve been on placement this month with the Galway Autism Partnership and they are such a great group to work with. In a short few months my time with them will be done and I’ll be back to trying to find a [read more…]

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The story changes but things stay the same

Twenty years ago, in the evening, I arrived back from my home country of Switzerland, tired and aching, after taking part in an MMA bout against the then world champion. I didn’t win and wasn’t in the mood to deal with people so off I went to the pub. The [read more…]

Random Thoughts

Still Small Voice

Sometimes a problem stands before you and gives you the finger. You can’t pass it. You can’t wave it off like you do when others give you the finger, you have to confront it and demand to know why. So you stand your ground and you shout “why?” You make [read more…]

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Old LiveJournal Entry

I went back and had a look at my old LiveJournal and found this entry from 2009.  See after the post for my comments on it. Feb. 24th, 2009 I got asked the other day at work why I don’t wear my hearing aid as much as I did when [read more…]

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Happy New Year!

July sees the start of the new season for Toastmasters. All the new committees take over the running of the clubs, the new area directors take over their areas, new division directors step up and start looking after their divisions and the new district leadership team start doing just that [read more…]

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Night Shifts

In seven hours I finish my last night shift. I want to add “in forever” but let’s be honest, that’s not gonna happen. We all know at some point I’ll be back on nights. But, when I finish this one I’ll be heading home, loading the car and Brad will [read more…]

I wish I could speak Irish
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I wish I could speak Irish

Okay, the title is true but also misleading. I do wish I could speak Irish but that’s also the name of an Irish class I enrolled in though uni. I’ve tried learning Irish through Duolingo and man is it hard! And also, as much as I think Duolingo is great [read more…]

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Placement Starting

Tomorrow I start placement for uni. My last one before I qualify. It’s working with the elderly services and I’m excited and also nervous. I haven’t worked with the elderly in over 23 years. It’s not an area I think I’m interested but we’ll see. A short entry but so [read more…]