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    On the latest episode of my podcast I give some mental health tips. I talk about the six I use but promised to give all ten here. So here you go. Download it here: BB Mental Health Tips Or right click on the pic.

Other sites I visit often


Rhys Wynne A good read. Has some interesting posts about all sort of things from personal to blog sites to gaming.

Sean Writes Words Some personal posts, well written by a genuinely nice bloke.

Vegan Stuff

Hairy Vegans One day they (me and Sam!) might do something with this.


Alistair Appleton This is a blog I’ve been reading for a long long time. It’s not so much a blog anytime but a website for him but it used to be full of very interesting and personal posts.

Drew Lynch He doesn’t so much write a blog but I check his website often for tour dates. Funny and cute.


Jason’s Movie Blog I don’t often agree with Jason but his posts are still a joy to read.


Hunter Kincaid Gay sex and body positivity. Over 18’s only. You’ve been warned.

About Me

Straight 4 pay

The details of my life are quite inconsequential… very well, where do I begin? My father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low-grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. My mother was a fifteen-year-old French prostitute named Chloe with webbed feet.

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Other Random Posts

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International Coming Out Day

Today is International Coming Out Day and I’m not gonna lie it’s a day I hate. Although groups promote it and add “but hey, do it when you’re ready!” I just feel the day itself puts so much pressure on people to come out when they’re not ready. I’m not [read more…]

Couch to 80k

Couch to 80K – Week One – Day Four

I’m doing the “Couch to 80k” – a writing bootcamp from writer and poet Tim Clare. For more information go here: Exercise Four A list of character descriptions Approx. 6ft3. Light brown hair. Blue eyes. Carries of folio of papers. Wearing a smart suit but no tie. Has pierced [read more…]

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Old LiveJournal Entry

I went back and had a look at my old LiveJournal and found this entry from 2009.  See after the post for my comments on it. Feb. 24th, 2009 I got asked the other day at work why I don’t wear my hearing aid as much as I did when [read more…]

Rather Weighty This

Gains and gains.

Today I’ve been more than just a member at Weight Watchers. I’ve been “clerking” – basically taking the money and selling the goodies then sending the members off to get weighed. It’s really interesting and I’ve learned sooooooo much by being at six meeting so far with another three coming [read more…]

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I’ve never been too good with taking written exams. Practical exam, where I have to show someone something, I can ace but if I have to sit and write stuff out I struggle. Due to “the rona” I’m now going to be taking exams online. Still timed, still written, but [read more…]

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Working on the 80/20

So in my efforts to get thinner and fitter I knew exercise was going to play some part in it. Every diet plan you join… Hang on, no, not every* diet plan does mention exercise and it’s important you know that. Why? Because it’s the difference between and good diet [read more…]

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Bladder & Birthday!

Today I met with Dr. Mark Regan at the Galway Clinic. He is the surgeon who, on February 21st next year, will remove my Gallbladder. He’s doubtful he’ll be able to do it through keyhole surgery but will try. If he has to do full surgery it’ll mean three days [read more…]


Writing 1.2

EDIT: I started this again. See here: Day two of the writing course. We had to write words we like and don’t like. I struggled with this as words I don’t like, other than “okey-dokey”, isn’t something I’ve ever really thought of. And I have my reason for not [read more…]

Rather Weighty This

Closing Rather Weighty This

So, I’ve decided to shut down one of my other sites. The site Rather Weighty This was great when I started it and I used it when I need to but it was set up for the wrong reasons. I wanted to separate my weight loss journey from my every [read more…]

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I’ve started a Podcast

So I decided to put myself out there and start a podcast about my body image issues and how they affect my mental health. It’s scary doing it as I’m being blunt and honest and really opening myself up to the listeners. I’ve one episode out so far. I’m happy [read more…]

Happy Birthday
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Happy Birthday

My husband is 40 today. We’re going to stay at the Twelve in Barna as a celebration. It’s be strange what with it being lockdown and us not being allowed to travel but at least we get to celebrate. Happy birthday my darling x

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At the weekend we had a lovely trip away. Not too far, just to Roscommon to visit and stay with our friends Pat & Marian. Their house is a beautiful little contact on the main road but, with us able to close their front gates, we were able to take [read more…]

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Lakeside Writers – Story Two

Here is my entry for my second week at the writers group. Prompt: The smell of burnt sugar. Title: Sweet Hypochondria In the labyrinth of my mind, where the lines between genius and lunacy are drawn in disappearing ink, I found myself teetering on the precipice of an olfactory enigma. [read more…]

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Annnnnnnnd so it begins AGAIN! Yes, once again I’m back at the gym. But I’m actually doing well. 6kg down in three weeks.  Not so bad!

Rather Weighty This

Milestones and Mistakes

Tuesday is weigh in day for me and yesterday was no different. I was down 1lb. That’s me down a stone since coming back to WW. I’m over-joyed by this. Nine weeks of being back at WW, eight weeks of weigh-ins, not one gain. I had one week where there [read more…]

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Wasn’t a great year was it? COVID has really screwed things up. Haven’t seen my parents since December 2019. Hopefully 2021 will be better and covid gone soon!

I wish I could speak Irish
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I wish I could speak Irish

Okay, the title is true but also misleading. I do wish I could speak Irish but that’s also the name of an Irish class I enrolled in though uni. I’ve tried learning Irish through Duolingo and man is it hard! And also, as much as I think Duolingo is great [read more…]

Rather Weighty This

*RWT Import* – The first…

Welcome to my first post. I have decided to ‘out’ myself and body image issues. Some people might say, given my size, it’s understandable I have body image issues but that’s bullshit. I know plenty of people who are bigger than me who love their size. Good for them. I [read more…]

Rather Weighty This

*RWT Import* – Fitter Me! – A start!

When I finally got round to checking my email this morning I found that Matt (@FitterYouGlobal) had done as promised and sent me my first workout plan, meal suggestions and recipes and my daily confidence boosting challenge. One of the things he requested was a shirtless “before” pic but he [read more…]

Image shows the Art Loyola building at NUIG
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Coronavirus has ended my placement. I’m 35 hours short and don’t have all my paperwork to submit. I’ve spoken to uni and they’re okay with it and will let me know what I need to do. No idea what’ll happen to those missing hours!

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Twelve Reasons Why I Love Her

A few years ago, more than I can be bothered to count, I decided I’d had quite an interesting life and would write my autobiography. I wrote quite a few chapters and kept going back and editing them and padding them out a bit. I took out some stories, added [read more…]

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I’m one of those people who love hearing other peoples opinions. I don’t always agree with them but I love hearing them. And yes, sometimes when I hear them I start judging the person. Anyone who claims “I don’t judge others” is lying. It’s human nature. How you vocalise your [read more…]

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The worst few weeks

I’ve written and re-written this post a dozen times to try and get my thoughts out there about the last few weeks and how awful they’ve been. Various things have been going on from my parents getting scammed to both Brad and I being ill as well as few other [read more…]

Random Thoughts

Still Small Voice

Sometimes a problem stands before you and gives you the finger. You can’t pass it. You can’t wave it off like you do when others give you the finger, you have to confront it and demand to know why. So you stand your ground and you shout “why?” You make [read more…]