100 Reasons

One hundred reason why I love Brad.

    1. You love me unconditionally.
    2. You’re gorgeous!
    3. You’re kind.
    4. You’re considerate.
    5. You’re hot!
    6. You’re intelligent.
    7. You make me laugh.
    8. You make me smile.
    9. You’re a fantastic cook.
    10. You’re funny.
    11. The way you look at me.
    12. You’re sensational in bed.
    13. You’re romantic.
    14. You put me first.
    15. You forgive.
    16. You tell me you love me often.
    17. You listen.
    18. You can hold a conversation.
    19. You’re accepting.
    20. You’re tolerant.
    21. You care.
    22. You care for others.
    23. You’re patient.
    24. You buy me chocolate.
    25. How you make me feel when I look into your eyes.
    26. Your eyes!
    27. That nothing matters when we’re together.
    28. You treat everyone with respect.
    29. You tell crap jokes.
    30. You tell good jokes.
    31. You don’t want me to change.
    32. You accept me for who I am.
    33. You protect me.
    34. You touch my heart.
    35. You make me feel like I’m the most important person in your life.
    36. You laugh at stupid things.
    37. You comfort me with just a look.
    38. Your kiss makes me forget everything else around me.
    39. You dance.
    40. You’re often the first on the dance floor.
    41. You’re passionate about the things you care about.
    42. You married me.
    43. You bring me coffee.
    44. You look incredible in the shower.
    45. And amazing in a suit!
    46. You have great dress sense. (Apart from the pope shoes!)
    47. You put up with me ranting about technology when the issue is obviously a PEBCAK
    48. You fix my technology.
    49. Regardless of how I dress you tell me I look nice or good or amazing. (I know what each one means).
    50. You taught me what love really is.
    51. Because of how you run.
    52. You’re willing to learn new things.
    53. You love me even when I’m being a complete asshole.
    54. Your chili is incredible.
    55. The way you do that thing. You know.
    56. You let me be lazy.
    57. Your hugs are like being wrapped in a warm blanket.
    58. You stop me from being lazy.
    59. You don’t judge my failures.
    60. You have a hot ass!
    61. You make me feel confident.
    62. You come to Toastmasters when I really want you to.
    63. You spoil me.
    64. You love my family.
    65. You let me choose what we watch.
    66. You have a chest that is the worlds most perfect pillow.
    67. Your legs!
    68. Your touch.
    69. Your smell.
    70. The way your hand fits perfectly in mine.
    71. You’re not afraid to be silly.
    72. Your sense of direction. Especially given how bad mine is.
    73. You carry the heavy all the shopping.
    74. You fetch me Chinese food when I want it.
    75. Your broad shoulders.
    76. You admit when you’re wrong.
    77. You bring me water when I’m hammered.
    78. You ask before showing people videos of me hammered!
    79. You’d catch me.
    80. You always know the right thing to say.
    81. You’re unique.
    82. You treat my family like they’re yours.
    83. You have an amazing way with words.
    84. Life is good because of you.
    85. That you’d never give up on me.
    86. How you look when you’re sleeping – just not the noise.
    87. You send me loving and thoughtful text messages.
    88. Because of the life we’ve built together.
    89. You always find me in a crowd.
    90. You are creative.
    91. You take time.
    92. You give me everything.
    93. The way you never know where things are.
    94. How thorough you are when doing household things.
    95. How particular you are when doing household things!
    96. You let me be me.
    97. How you surprise me with gifts or treats of things I’ve said ages ago and you’ve remembered.
    98. Your powerful arms that know how to hold me.
    99. You are my best friend.
    100. I love you because you are you.

I love you and I’m lucky you are mine.