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Experiential Learning

This entry was actually posted on 18th March 2023. The day I decided to start posting my university assignments to my journal. This is the first assignment I wrote and submitted in December 2019. Looking back it’s good to see my writing style improved greatly. The subject was all about [read more…]

Rather Weighty This

Gains and gains.

Today I’ve been more than just a member at Weight Watchers. I’ve been “clerking” – basically taking the money and selling the goodies then sending the members off to get weighed. It’s really interesting and I’ve learned sooooooo much by being at six meeting so far with another three coming [read more…]

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Parallel Universes

I’ve been ill for the last five days. Proper sick like. Fluids coming out of every hole but you don’t need to know about that. During my sick time I’ve been spending a lot of time alone (on the toilet) and either reading or thinking, while not screaming out in [read more…]

Rather Weighty This

Milestones and Mistakes

Tuesday is weigh in day for me and yesterday was no different. I was down 1lb. That’s me down a stone since coming back to WW. I’m over-joyed by this. Nine weeks of being back at WW, eight weeks of weigh-ins, not one gain. I had one week where there [read more…]

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A short love story.

It was a warm August evening in the Midlands when I decided, after a long and stressful day, to go for a drink after work. Walking into the bar I was disappointed to see the place packed to the drawstrings with men and women in power suits either celebrating or [read more…]

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Bad Parenting – Two Stories

Brad got an unexpected day off today so after sorting a few bits out with the new car we headed off to Galway city. I wanted to get a tee-shirt for Monday night, do some shopping and grab some lunch with my devilishly handsome husbear. During lunch – a seafood [read more…]

Rather Weighty This

The Unexpected

For the first time since rejoining Weight Watchers I was confident I’d be down. I’d been careful all week. I’d tracked most of the week and when I hadn’t I carefully considered what I was eating and I got some exercise. I walked into class with my head held high, [read more…]

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100 Reasons

One hundred reason why I love Brad. You love me unconditionally. You’re gorgeous! You’re kind. You’re considerate. You’re hot! You’re intelligent. You make me laugh. You make me smile. You’re a fantastic cook. You’re funny. The way you look at me. You’re sensational in bed. You’re romantic. You put me [read more…]

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Working on the 80/20

So in my efforts to get thinner and fitter I knew exercise was going to play some part in it. Every diet plan you join… Hang on, no, not every* diet plan does mention exercise and it’s important you know that. Why? Because it’s the difference between and good diet [read more…]