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*RWT Import* – Body Image Issues

Happily I handed over the forms with my bank details on it to the girl behind the reception desk. I had the tour and I was impressed so arranging a monthly direct debit was perfectly fine.  The next stage was booking my fitness assessment. Excited and motivated I booked my [read more…]

Rather Weighty This

*RWT Import* – Well!

So I’m, halfway through week two of my Fitter You programme and today I had my second weigh-in at Weight Watchers. To say I’m amazed and happy just doesn’t seem to cut it. When I went back to WW after Christmas I was 20st 9lb and at my first weigh-in [read more…]


First Man – A Review

So Brad and I watched the movie First Man last night. As someone who loves everything to do with space and space travel I was really looking forward to it. I was disappointed. Which to be honest is usually the case with a Ryan Gosling movie. ***WARNING: SPOILER ALERT*** From here [read more…]

Random Thoughts

More utter shite!

So a “study” has discovered that people who are more attractive are more likely to be accepting of gay sex. Well, that’s what you’d believe if you’d read nearly every fucking gay news website recently. They’re a bit slow on the uptake, the report of the study was published in [read more…]

Rather Weighty This

*RWT Import* – Fitter Me! – A start!

When I finally got round to checking my email this morning I found that Matt (@FitterYouGlobal) had done as promised and sent me my first workout plan, meal suggestions and recipes and my daily confidence boosting challenge. One of the things he requested was a shirtless “before” pic but he [read more…]

Rather Weighty This

*RWT Import* – Making Changes

A few days ago a guy I follow on Twitter posted the tweet below. Trying to edit the video I posted to the @FitterYouGlobal FB group of my 150 pressups but with a “modesty oblong” so I can post it on here, but my Adobe Premiere skills are not at that [read more…]

Rather Weighty This

*RWT Import* – Kill me now!

So tonight was my first meeting back at Weight Watchers in nine weeks. It was entirely depressing. It was also the first meeting of 2019. It was fucking shit. I’m my own worst enemy. I could give you some shit excuse like “my head wasn’t in the right space!” (it [read more…]


My Film Top Ten of 2018

My cinema visits for 2018 were very much down on last year. Something I will rectify for 2019. That being said, here is my top ten for 2018. As usual, you can disagree, it’s your right, but this is my list and my opinion. If a film isn’t listed it’s [read more…]