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At the Mad About The Voice Ireland event I won a chocolate biscuit cake in the raffle. It was delicious. I know because I ate most of it. Brad had some but not much. I’m sure you can imagine that knowing how much I’d eaten this week played heavy (pardon [read more…]

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Made About The Voice Ireland

On Sunday I had the honour of being MC for a Mad About the Voice Ireland event at the G Hotel in Galway. The event was a student showcase of singers of all ages and the talent was utterly amazing! As their page says the were founded in 2014 by [read more…]

Rather Weighty This

Dangerous BLTs!

Yesterday at home I was having a mini meltdown because I was worried about my weigh in. I’d had a week of BLTs while I was cooking. BLTs aren’t bacon, lettuce and tomatoes which is just as well given that I’m allergic to tomatoes. No, BLTs for me are “bites, [read more…]

Rather Weighty This

Closing Rather Weighty This

So, I’ve decided to shut down one of my other sites. The site Rather Weighty This was great when I started it and I used it when I need to but it was set up for the wrong reasons. I wanted to separate my weight loss journey from my every [read more…]