2023 in Review


Well what a year it’s been. Personally, for reasons that will become apparent a little further down, I’ve had an amazing year.

Lets start at the very beginning, a very good place to star.


Is there anything better than seeing in the New Year with the many you love then having a glorious lie in followed by a catch-up with amazing friends?




February was fun. Made some new friends, went to Geared and got my gall bladder removed. Also finished by final fourth year placement at uni.




March saw me head away for the weekend with union mates to plan for the year and, after some therapy, start to think more about losing weight and planning it properly.




April saw me take my falsity ever exams at uni and be in desperate need of a trim! I have a feeling the only reason I passed my exams is because I took my lucky pen with me,




May saw us prep for my birthday next month, the Forsa health and welfare conference took place in Galway and we were the hosts, and I popped to the UK for a quick visit.

IMG_7317 (not sure why this is a link and not the actual thumbnail! Oh well)





June had me celebrating my birthday and I got the most amazing gift… you’ll see later.




July saw me get the most perfect headshot for a profile pic. A lovely lady who books me for MC events wants to use it on her website.




August was a fun month. We headed off to Brighton Pride and then to London to see Abba again. I got the first part of my next tattoo. It was a good month.


September was an amazing month. This was the month I used my birthday gift from Brad. We flew off to Chicago and had three days there. Amazing City with more to see than we managed to fit in. Made a new friend – Tom – he’s so lovely and such a wonderful person. Got one of my hexagons filled in with the Chicago flag. It looks good in the pic but shit now it’s healed, but at least I have a story.  Then three days on the California Zephyr across the USA into San Francisco. The views from the train were incredible, from the stillness of Nevada to the mountainous Glenwood Canyon and Donner Pass. Four days in San Francisco with Alcatraz, Lombard Street, Folsom Street Fair and Falcon Crest, it was all utterly amazing.



October was a horrible month. Aunty Dianne and Aunty Janet passed away and John had to say goodbye to CJ. But, I made it positive by finishing some projects and contacting a fitness instructor.



November wasn’t much better than October but only because it was the funeral of Aunty Dianne and then we lost another family friend, Mike. Both dearly missed. I did some more crochet as gifts and got the sewing machine out to make Christmas trees. We had a works night out for the retirement of a colleague and I got hammered. Found some old pics and met some random stranger in the pub who wouldn’t leave us alone.  There was also the hot guy on flight who I chatted to but obvs can’t share his pic.



I worked Christmas Day while having a chest infection then on the 28th we drove to the UK to see family. Started a few new projects. Got my bearded trimmed a lot shorter than usual!



So there you have my 2023!  Here’s to 2024!

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