And so it begins… again. I’ve rejoined the gym.

Online Tramadol Cod During lockdown I gained almost two and half stone and am absolutely disgusted with myself. That being said, if the scales are right this morning, since realising my stupidity and monitoring my food intake I’m not down a stone and a half. Currently, and I’m ashamed to say this, I’m 21st. I keep saying I need to do something about yet I’m my own worst enemy. I know what I need to do I just don’t do it! And I genuinely don’t know why.

Tramadol Online Cod Fedex I know where I go wrong and I know how to stop it. I know the right things to do and I know when and where to do it. I know where to get help and I know who I can turn to. So with all that in mind why do I constantly sabotage myself? Why do I do so well at Weight Watchers or at the gym for a few months and then, just when I’m showing some progress I let it all go. I do not know why I do this. If you know then please tell me!