And we’re back…

Image shows the Art Loyola building at NUIG
Aras Loyola, NUIG. Here I am starting my second year at university. After completing last year I officially get a certificate in Social Care. A certificate that essentially doesn’t mean a lot if I want to take this career further. I’m still trying to arrange a placement. My placement last term was cut short due to the coronavirus so I’ll have 35 hours to add on to wherever I get. It’s difficult to find somewhere as people still aren’t taking students due to the pandemic. Our class size has dropped from sixty-ish on day one to thirty. Most blaming the pandemic, some saying they only ever wanted the certificate — I don’t believe that. The certificate is available through various other means that are way cheaper than a year at NUIG. I’ve enjoyed my first year. I enjoyed my time with Aisling at GAP. I enjoyed making new friends. Here’s to the second year!

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