Bad Actors! Stop giving them work!

WARNING – This post is entirely my opinion and yes, I’m very opinionated.

There are clear and obvious reasons why some actors get regular work, and it isn’t always because they’re actually any good.

Often, they may have one good role in them – Stallone as Rocky, Arnie as Terminator – but after that it’s all downhill.

Let’s be honest, many of them get work through nepotism. Sometimes it’s the fact they’re producing the movie. Occasionally it’s because they’re a big name with a lot of influence who producers know will bring a big return. Of course, sometimes it’s because these actors are considered attractive and audiences flock to the screens for the chance of seeing some flesh, or to support the person they’re hoping to marry. Twelve year old me repeatedly saw Back to the Future, just in case Micheal J. Fox arrived to whisk me off my feet.

See, with the money they spend on movies I want my actors to actually be able to act. My standards are high when we’re talking about a multi-million euro/pound/dollar venture. If you have that kind of money, why pay for the best?

With that in mind here is my list of actors I personally feel shouldn’t be getting the amount of work they get, because they are just awful! It’s in no particular order.



One Good Film

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Even the animated version of him in The Scorpion King was awful! I’m pretty sure he only gets work because he fits a certain demographic – big and muscley! Sorry, but I want my actors talented. None
Ryan Gosling $20million for playing Ken? The actual Ken, still in the box, played the role better. None
Jennifer Lopez Can’t act, can’t sing, dances a little. I also detest her for singing for the president of Turkmenistan, one of the most repressive countries. As well as using the AllLivesMatter hashtag. Vile thing! The Cell. But Vince Vaughn and Vincent D’Onofrio carried her. Which is quite the feat for Vaughn!
Madonna She was great in the 80’s but should have stuck to singing. Her acting is playground. Four Rooms. Like J-Lo Madonna was carried through-out this.
Denise Richards I just can’t. Starship Troopers, because it’s that bad it’s funny!
Jean-Claude Van Damme In every movie he looks like he has no idea why he’s there or where he is. None
Ryan Reynolds If you’ve seen one Ryan Reynolds film then you’ve seen them all. Apart from The Amityville Horror. He was different in that. Miracles do happen. The Amityville Horror
Melissa McCarthy Like Reynolds she’s the same in EVERY movie. It’s tiresome. Go. She’s in it for all of two minutes but it’s worth it.
Adam Sandler He taught Reynolds and McCarthy what to do. Airheads
Chuck Norris Pure shit! None
Lindsey Lohan Yawwwwwwn Nope, not even Mean Girls. It was a terrible film!
Owen Wilson According to a person at work I’m not allowed to not like Owen Wilson because he’s a hard worker and has been through some shit. Bite me! The Cable Guy
M. Night Shyamalan Not really known for his acting – and when you see him act you can see why – he’s more a writer and director. But he’s awful at all three. I don’t think I’ve seen one of his movies where we haven’t been able to work out the “twist” in the first ten minutes. Stop giving him work! None
Mark Whalberg Ugh! None


I’m gonna end the list here but I might create a separate page and add to it as time goes on. Apparently, I’m not allowed to include people like Philip Seymour-Hoffman or Heath Ledger as they were amazing! No, they weren’t. They died and suddenly they end up on the pedestal. They weren’t great actors. They don’t deserve praise just because they died young. We can be sad they died without saying they were great actors.

I’m only ending it as I’m getting irate the more I type. Yes, I’m that passionate about the subject. A lot of this comes down to my high standards. I’ve been on sets, I’ve seen what goes into productions and I’ve spent time as a continuity editor. I’ve been a floor/stage manager, runner and written movie reviews. I’ve seen it from many different angles, and it always seems that the more money that’s pumped into a production the less the producers/directors care. And that’s shameful!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had a budget of $263 million and turned into an abomination. John Carter used $263.7 million, and man was it bad. Avatar: The Way of Water. $460 million for a cartoon that was too long. Boring, badly written, predictable, badly acted and random stupid continuity errors!

After we’d seen Pacific Rim at the cinema, as I’d been told to see it on the big screen, I actually wrote to Thomas Tull demanding my money back. He never replied. Why would he? He made his money from it. We should all start doing this. Vive la revolution!

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