Closets and Chronicles

In the dimly lit corner of my cluttered office, surrounded by a tower of half-empty coffee cups and a mountain of half-written notes, I’m embarking on a literary adventure destined to change lives (or at least entertain a few people). Okay, so it probably won’t change lives but it’ll make for an interesting read.

“Coming out stories\’ are like rollercoaster rides – thrilling, sometimes nauseating, but undeniably unforgettable, and, unlike rollercoasters, they are all unique. I’m on a mission to capture the essence of these journeys, from the awkward fumbling in the closet to the fabulous explosion on the other side.

I am inviting you, the brave souls out there who’ve kicked down the closet door or gently tiptoed out wearing sequins, to contribute and tell me your story. Theses stories are wanted, no, needed!

You don’t have to be the Shakespeare of self-discovery or the Hemingway of honesty; just be yourself, because that’s the hero of this tale. Whether you came out with fireworks or stumbled out with all the grace of a newborn giraffe, whether you found acceptance and understanding, or were turfed out to fend for yourself (I hope not, but we all know someone who was!) your story deserves a place in the spotlight.

And for those who prefer to remain incognito, the cloak of anonymity is at your disposal, like a literary superhero cape. Your secrets will be safe with me, tucked away in a metaphorical vault guarded by glitter cannons and rainbow-coloured unicorns. Well, your secret will be out but your name will be removed and we can change all names.

Life’s too short not to embrace your story, so please do share yours. If you’d be interested you can either send your story directly to me at TellYourComingOutStory (a) or, use that same address to ask question and find out more.

All the profits from the sales of the book will be going to various LGBTI+ charities.

My story is in there, even if it involves tripping over my own rainbow cape on the way out of the closet. I’d love to hear yours.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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