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As this is essentially a contract I need your real name to proceed with your as a guest. I promise no one but me, you and lawyers (if needed) will ever see it.
I need this so we can correspond. I won't sell it or add it any mailing list.
I need to know this because I need to ensure you're over 18 as we may talk about adult stuff.
I need just so I know what jurisdiction you fall under for any legal shit. Again, no one by me, you and lawyers (if needed) will see it.
By entering your name above (in the same format as in Question 1) you agree that any contributions you make to the Bear Bares podcast become the property of Bear Bares and may be used for promotional material to publicise the podcast and/or in future episodes. You also agree you will have no monetary claim on any material recorded or used in current or future Bear Bares podcasts.

In return Bear Bares agrees to not edit the podcast to make you sound like a dick and keep you informed, where possible of any republications of the podcast in the future.
You can pick anything, doesn't have to be your real name, but it can also can be if you want. Or, a nickname, your username, your CompuServe ID (yes, I'm CompuServe old!)
Try and go for celebrators, people everyone will now.