Couch to 80k – Week One – Day One

In the last few years I’ve start writing four different books. I get about seven or eight chapters in and then lose motivation and I don’t know why. Especially as I have the full story ini my head for all four of them. All four are vastly different stories, and I’m invested in each of them – in fact one of them I think of a lot as I drift off to sleep and I play out scenarios in my head, having conversations as though I’m some of the characters. I just seem to lack the motivation to finish them off!

So I did a bit of searching on that there internet and I found this: Couch to 80k – Writing Bootcamp.

A writing bootcamp, all done online, with daily exercises. I’m not saying it’ll be the answer but it’s worth a try.

It’s from a chap called Tim Clare who describes himself as “a poet, author and musician.” According to his bio he presented the Channel 4 series How To Get A Book Deal in 2005 so there must be something there to work with as far as I’m concerned.

He hasn’t updated his blog since April 2022 but hey, anyone who keeps a blog will have been guilty of forgetting it from time to time. I certainly have!

Due to work I can’t promise doing it every single day but I certainly do as much as I can when I can. I’m gonna pop each exercise up here and we’ll see how it goes. I’m looking forward to the results.

Exercise One
In ten minutes write out 50 names. They can include titles or be job specific but they must be made up and not people you already know.

  1. Yvette Spencer
  2. Donatella Smith
  3. Simon Van Hopper
  4. Lucian Grey
  5. Monica Wellington
  6. Bernard Thrippleton
  7. Julia Weston
  8. Margaret Montgomery
  9. Iain Grant
  10. Parker Kincaid
  11. Derek Acosta
  12. Susan Donovan
  13. Luciano Avola
  14. Miriam Renton
  15. Damien Alp
  16. Harry Walton
  17. Agamemnon Jones
  18. Barney Yates
  19. John Thripple
  20. Ronan Top
  21. Thomas Underwood
  22. Gloria Harpington
  23. Harrison Loft
  24. Chase Richards
  25. Christian Lawson
  26. Lucy Rensmith
  27. Diego Ost
  28. Sky Turner
  29. Adam Call
  30. Dennis Harper
  31. Justice Bunson
  32. Elizabeth Strop
  33. Arthur Gamble
  34. Paul Ironside
  35. Caroldine Fisher
  36. Philip Osterman
  37. Freddy Teller
  38. Penelope Beverly
  39. Tristan Hope
  40. Oliver Backhammer
  41. Nolan West
  42. Gabrielle Futterman
  43. Tim Rester
  44. Naomi Hunt
  45. Duncan Kristoff
  46. Cleo Little
  47. Noah Ropes
  48. Devon Plasky
  49. Eddie Howard
  50. Amelia Red

I’m smiling reading the list back as I know where I get some of the names from! They’re all made up but some of thee name, both first and second but not together, remind me of school friends.

Anyway, there’s exercise one.

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