Couch to 80K – Week Two – Day Two

I’m doing the “Couch to 80k” – a writing bootcamp from writer and poet Tim Clare. For more information go here:

Exercise Eight
Another free write. Write on any subject. Keep writing for ten minutes.

Yesterday I talk about school and history lessons but I actually started talk about family. Interesting enough that lead to me posting about my mom being a badass later that night.

Family has been on mind recently as there is lots going on with mine. For some reason Uncle Ray has been constantly in my thoughts. He was my godfather and I loved him dearly. His second wife, Aunty Maureen, was a wedding cake maker. She was one of those that could make any kind of cake in any shape and decorate it perfectly. For my grandfathers 70th birthday she made an armchair with a table next to it. On the table was a cup of tea and it actually looked like his tea cup. More amazingly on the arm of the sofa was a newspaper. It looked like it had been printed. It has his picture on it and “Happy Birthday Harry” as the headline. This was before the days of printers that could print on icing so it was amazing work. She died very suddenly about 12 years ago and Uncle Ray went a couple of years later. I miss them both.

My godmother is my Aunty Janet. I’m not going to write any more than that.

I’m stuck now.

My brain has gone blank.

I collect teaspoons. And by collect I actually mean steal. So if I go somewhere have a coffee or tea and it’s a memorable event I keep the spoon from it. I have a little wooden boxed filled with them. It actually says “Spoons” on it. Brad found it year ago.

I used to collect caps too. I used to have them pinned to my bedroom. My cousin collected erasers and STI’s.

In about an hour I’m on a course for the Forsa Trade Union. I’m on branch secretary, a job I’m currently enjoying, but it’s a big job. I was supposed to be in Cork for the course but instead I’m attending online. One of the few benefits of Covid is the way communications opened up. Don’t get me wrong, I still prefer in person meetings but with Zoom, MS Teams and all the others, the learning curve and opportunities have been huge. I don’t like the expanse of online courses as I feel you lose something from the classroom discussion but at least the option is there.

Times Up!

I’m not happy that my mind went blank but so be it. I won’t be correcting for mistakes as we’re not supposed to be. We’re supposed to just write and I did that.

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