Having spent most of the evening trawling through web-sites trying to learn CSS I have come to realise the following:

1. I know more HTML than I give myself credit for.
2. I don’t read everything but skim it to find the things I want – thus missing most of the important stuff.
3. I actually understand how CSS works.
4. I cannot (and probably will never) understand how to do what I want to do in CSS.

Therefore I am going to give up and go to the library on my day off and get a book that will tell me all I need to know about CSS. Either than or I shall spend the next few weeks begging those in the know to let me in to the secret world that is cascading style sheets.

Having messed about with web designs over the years I should know what I’m doing but all I managed to do was make my left and right columns appear at either side of the screen and then make me centre column and header image completely disappear! While trying to rectify the the most I could do was make every single text entry on the site appear as one single line straight down the page, making the page feel infinitely long!

I will agree with those who said that building a pages using CSS is easy. I’m sure it is. So is quantum physics if you have that level of knowledge and understanding in those fields. I lack both in both but I can bake a nice cake, make my own biscuits and reverse a 7.5 tonne truck up a dirt road.

For now I will bow to the superior intellect of my peers who are able to split the atom, leap tall buildings, turn lead into gold and produce cascading style sheets but I warn you, all of you, my day will come. No longer will the knowledge of the not-so-ancient be hidden from me, it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine!