Dangerous BLTs!

Yesterday at home I was having a mini meltdown because I was worried about my weigh in.

I’d had a week of BLTs while I was cooking. BLTs aren’t bacon, lettuce and tomatoes which is just as well given that I’m allergic to tomatoes. No, BLTs for me are “bites, licks and tastes.”

How many times, while you’re preparing food, do you take a bite of something to see if it’s ready? Or maybe you have a biscuit while you’re making a cup of tea and then have a couple of biscuits with the tea?

How often, while baking, do you lick the spoon before throwing it in the dishwasher or sink? Because I know you don’t put it back in the bowl!

Tasting food is often a necessity when preparing a meal for other people because you want to make sure it’s right. What happens when you prepare food for others every single day?

You don’t notice these BLTs yet they could be doing as much damage as your regular meals.

That was my week! I had bites, licks and tastes of so much food during the week that come Monday night I was worried about going for my weigh-in. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was clerking (taking the money) for my Wellness Coach, Phil, at my local Weight Watchers session, I can honestly say I wouldn’t have gone. I’d have made some rubbish excuse about why I shouldn’t go and I’d have promised myself that I’d go back next week with weight down.

Don’t ever do this! Whether you’re at Weigh Watchers or following any other diet plan you need to weigh in once a week and take the hit if you’re up. Accept why and deal with it. Ignoring it will just make it worse.

So I went for my weigh-in, all prepared to be up, and thanks to tracking everything other than the BLTs I was down 1.5lbs. Even though I hadn’t tracked the BLTs I was very conscious of them.

Down 1.5lb and I had ice cream and cake! I’m not missing out and I’m loving it!