Day 1

Day 1

Today marks the day I said I’d write something every day.

So how about I start with a bit about me. Maybe it’ll serve as an about me page.

I’m Rob. I’m a number of years old and I live in Galway, Ireland. I’m married to an amazing man who I love dearly.

I work full-time in healthcare but I’m currently at uni retraining and loving it. I’m also training to be a See Change ambassador.

I’m hard of hearing and use Irish Sign Language in work and personally.

This year I’m the chairperson of Galway Community Pride and even with it’s stresses it’s something I adore doing. We’ve a lot of great plans for the 2022 celebrations.

I’m overweight but doing something about it. Slowly but oh well.

I’ve a fantastic circle of friends, most of which I care about dearly even if I don’t keep in touch with them as often as I should. I’d do anything for my friends because I know they’ll be there when I need them.

My family live in the UK and I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like.

In my spare time I work on a couple of different projects. I’m a Toastmaster, a vegan and an LGBTI+ activist.

I’m sure there’s more but for now that’ll do.


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