For a few years now I have kept a handwritten diary and a diary on my phone.  My diary is on every personal device I have.

Before I start this entry and what it’s about let me explain something – I’m a massive Apple fan. Nothing you can say is going to convince me that any kind of mobile device is better. And yes, I’ve used others. I’m currently using an Android phone for work and the thing is just way too clunky. Not the phone, the android software. Everything on Android etc is so long-winded. Every Apple device I’ve bought has instantly connected to each other when I’ve wanted it to. And every non-Apple device I’ve bought that wants to connect to an Apple device has connected easily thanks to Apple. Trying to connect a non-Apple device to another non-Apple device is just messy. To get my diary, contact, texts, emails, whatever, I only have to sign in once. I could go on about the wonders of Apple, MacOS and iOS but I’m sure you get the message.

Anyway, after that digression, as I said, every personal device I have has my diary on it.

– Laptop
– iPhone
– iPad Pro
– iPad Mini
– Apple Watch

Yes, I have one of those with me at all times, sometimes all of them at once (like now). You might think that’s a little obsessive but given the various groups I work with it’s important that I can connect when I want to. It’s also important I switch off from them time to time, so I do. I’m not, as some people are, and as some might think about me, addicted to my devices. I was once. I used to check every email the minute my phone dinged. I used to ensure my phone was in my pocket no matter where I was going. Thankfully I’ve changed.

Once again I’ve digressed, so back to the point.

For as long as I can remember I’ve used a handwritten diary to keep up with my plans and appointments. As the new year starts I put the old diary away and keep it for a few years.

For the last five, maybe six years, I’ve kept my handwritten diary and the diary in iCloud (which puts it across all devices). Well I’ve decided I’m going to stop using my handwritten diary. During work I carry my diary with my and it can be a pain in the bum sometimes. I can’t help but wonder why I do it when in my pocket is my diary. I pull out my laptop to do some work and there’s my diary again. Or rather it is when I open it.

I have a strong bond with my handwritten diary and I’m going to struggle to give it up but I feel I have to. Not because I want to “get with the times” as I think I’m already there thanks to Brad, I just want to lessen the load I carry around with me.

This is going to be a challenge. But I’m up for it.