Eurovision and new friends

New Friend. Ronald, Brad and me at a Eurovision party.

Last night we went to a Eurovision party. When I say “we went to” I actually mean I was working at it — DJing. And although it was a party it was actually a fundraiser for the Galway Musical Society.

Jay Bae asked me a few months ago if I’d help out and as I’ll do anything for Jay I, of course, said yes. I was going to dress up but in the end no one else did so I didn’t get changed.

It was a fun night and although Ukraine won I don’t see them hosting it next year. Not with what’s going on. Although it would be good if they other countries came together to support them and help them out. The UK coming second was interesting. I’d like to believe that it was because the song and performer were worthy but part of me thinks it was because people knew they didn’t have a hope in hell of winning given that everyone would support Ukraine.

Regardless, that wasn’t the best part of the night.

Friday I got chatting to an America online, Ronald, who was visiting Galway. He was asking me places to go and I was listing them and reasons why he should visiting them. I told him if he had nothing to do the next night (last night — Saturday) he was more than welcome to join us at the Eurovision Party.

Well he did!

And he’s utterly adorable and fell in love with Eurovision! So much so that he wants to come to it next year! Here’s hoping it’s in the UK! Actually here’s hoping it’s in Ireland, but the UK will do. I’ve a few friends in the US and would love to go see them. If I get chance a visit to Ronald will defo be on the list.


Image sources three men. The middle has his arms around the other two. They are all smiling. Left to right they are Ronald, Bradley and Rob
Ronald, Brad and Me

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