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Too. Much. Snacking!

I made a discovery at work the other day.

For those of you that don’t know I’m currently work a night shift rotation. They last three months and mine will be over in mid-October. As much as I love nights I can’t wait for them to finish as my sleep pattern is screwed and while dieting I’m struggling to eat properly.

And eating properly was part of the lesson I had!

I have my dinner before I leave for work and my next planned meal is breakfast sometime between 8am and 9.30am. Obviously that means I”m going nearly twelve hours without food while being awake and working. Not a good idea!

I don’t want to take food with me so I take healthy snacks to keep me going. Well it turns out I take too many!

I took so many as I wanted a choice but the problem is while I’m still dieting and addicted to food (yes it is an addiction) if the food is there I’ll eat it. It may have been healthy – or at least Weight Watchers friendly – but if it hadn’t been there I wouldn’t have eaten it! Which sounds really obvious doesn’t it?

This night I took:

– 4 small snack carrots – 0 points
– 2 packets of Weight Watchers crips – 5 points in total
– A pot of overnight oats – 4 points
– A boiled egg (I love eggs!) – 0 points
– Weight Watchers Chocolate Brownie Bar – 2 points
– Some grapes – 0 points
– An apple – 0 points
– Weight Watchers Orange Crips bar – 2 points
– A banana – 0 points

HOW MUCH FOOD? Yes some of it was healthy and zero points and those that weren’t zero were Weight Watchers friendly but holy hell did I really need to eat that much? No I didn’t. I only did it because it was there.

I’m back at work on the evening of Monday 17th and my lunchbox will be smaller!

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