*RWT Import* – Fitter Me! – A start!

Ugh! I really hate this!

When I finally got round to checking my email this morning I found that Matt (@FitterYouGlobal) had done as promised and sent me my first workout plan, meal suggestions and recipes and my daily confidence boosting challenge.

One of the things he requested was a shirtless “before” pic but he did explain that it wasn’t compulsory. Those of you that have been with me on this journey before this site started, and after, will know just how difficult it is for me to do that but also how useful I find it to be so open and honest. So as I’m sure you’ve already noticed, I’ve shared the picture here and on my instagram. It’s hideous and I’m horrified, but hey, I’m doing something about it.

I’ve done work out one and my legs are still aching. I’m not looking forward to how they’re going to feel tomorrow! I haven’t drank anywhere near the amount of water I should be drinking but I can sort that. I’ve been shopping and sorted food plans and got some whey protein as suggested. After something I over heard at the gym a few years ago I’m not a fan of whey protein but I’m paying Matt, the website shows success stories, I follow two people on twitter who had success so something must right. Obviously I’ve bought chocolate flavoured whey powder because, well why not?!

Well day 1 down. Here’s to 83 more.