Gains and gains.

Today I’ve been more than just a member at Weight Watchers. I’ve been “clerking” – basically taking the money and selling the goodies then sending the members off to get weighed. It’s really interesting and I’ve learned sooooooo much by being at six meeting so far with another three coming up in the evening.

It’s just as well I learned as at my own weigh-in earlier this day I was up 3.5lb.

So, am I angry about this? Nope.

See it was kinda planned.

Since being back at WW I’ve not had one week where I’ve gained and I’ve only had one week without weight loss, when I was no loss, no gain. I’m not including the week I was sick.

Of all the people you know in this small world you know yourself better than anyone else, and I know me particularly well. As such, after being ill and getting a 6.5lb loss due to food poisoning I knew I was at risk of eating the entire contents of Tesco so I let myself off this week. I still tracked but I wasn’t bothered about going over my points. Lets just say, the entire week became a treat week.

As such I’m 3.5lb up and not in the slightest bit upset about it.

I’ve gained 3.5lb and I’ve gained the experience of the WW Coach and all the members giving hints and tips during the meeting.

I will be down next week. Watch this space.