Please stick with this entry, even though the first few paragraphs seem a bit boring and pointless. You’ll soon see where I’m going and why.

Health services around the world will never please anyone. There is always someone who won’t be getting the service they feel they need and to be fair in most cases that is sadly true. An irate patient will then take it out on the individual hospital or health service, blaming them for the inadequacies of treatment when sadly the real cause and blames often (but not always) lies with the people above.

I’ve worked within the health service of two different countries and the main problem with both is always the same – funding!

A health service will put a request for funding yet will only get 75% of that figure – if they’re lucky! Why don’t they get the full 100%? Often it’s because the money just isn’t there but sometimes trust and services are told to see if they can manage and apply for “emergency” funding if needed! Even if they got the 100% it’s sadly not enough. Places are grossly underfunded and under-staffed. They’re under-staffed because they’re underfunded.

Everything boils down to money.

So imagine my anger when I heard on the radio that some damn politician was given government funding of €200’000 to have a new office built, as well as €85’000 for soft furnishings. €285’000 to build an office and make it look pretty. Could find him or her and office to rent for less, and as for furnishing, how much is a desk in Ikea?

Where else would that €285’000 be of good use?

Well €285’000 would be enough to fund at least twenty new members of staff to work Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm, our busiest time, at the place I currently work. Twenty members of staff for one year. So how about four members of staff each staying for five years? During those fives years the powers that be can work out how they can find them again.

Moving away from my service and looking at a different aspect of health €285’000 would mean ten nurses on an over-stretched accident and emergency department.

That money would fund ten professionals to work full time in the mental health service. Ten doesn’t sound like a lot but divide them up to cover as much area as possible. Can you imagine any health authority saying “Do you know what, we’re good, we won’t take one.” Of course they won’t! Because one more can mean so much.

There are many many other things that the money could spent on that would enhance the lives of thousands of people around the country and I’m sure there is more money that is going into the pockets of politicians who need new cars, beds, whips & chains or just want the money to bank for when they get kicked out of office because the nations suddenly realises what a waste of space they are!

Fucking politicians! They’ll be sorry when they are the ones in hospital and unable to get what they need because the money isn’t there.