Happy New Year!

July sees the start of the new season for Toastmasters.

https://exitoffroad.com/ambien-cr-online-canada All the new committees take over the running of the clubs, the new area directors take over their areas, new division directors step up and start looking after their divisions and the new district leadership team start doing just that – leading the district.

https://starbrighttraininginstitute.com/ambien-prices-online For me it’s my second term as Division Director for division F and I’m very much looking forward to working with some amazing area directors.

https://www.club-italia.com/2024/06/ambien-online-fast-delivery I have been on a Toastmasters club committee since 2014 but now, as we start the new year, I’m starting a new position on the committee. I’m taking on the role of Sergeant-at-Arms. It’s the only role on a Toastmasters committee I’ve never done so I’m looking forward to it. My role involves making sure the room is set up and ready, that refreshments are ordered for the break and to greet the guests as they come in. Sadly, while we meet online, the role is very much defunct but we’ll be back soon and I can really step up.

Interestingly I’m also in charge of public relations for another club. Thankfully I very much love Toastmasters so I’m excited to be taking on the three roles.

https://habitaccion.com/ambien-by-mail-order So here’s the new year and new clubs and new members!