I wish I could speak Irish

I wish I could speak Irish

Okay, the title is true but also misleading.

I do wish I could speak Irish but that’s also the name of an Irish class I enrolled in though uni.

I’ve tried learning Irish through Duolingo and man is it hard! And also, as much as I think Duolingo is great for languages Spanish and German, it’s awful for Irish. With this other languages you get to hear the word said so you know how to pronounce it. With Irish you don’t hear it.

So as I want to learn Irish I decided to try signing up to classes that USI were putting on.

Well I didn’t realise it would be a student lead class. It’s not an easy language to learn and it ended up being made all the more difficult by an unruly group and a teacher who, although they can speak Irish, doesn’t really know how to teach it.

Suffice to say I manage it until week two. Or well. Onwards and upwards, lets see if I can find another way of learning.

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