*RWT Import* – Making Changes

A few days ago a guy I follow on Twitter posted the tweet below.

As I’m a nosey bastard I clicked on the twitter account he’d mentioned, @FitterYouGlobal, and started having a nose around.

Tailored workouts, personalised nutrition, weekly confidence-boosting challenges & my meditation guide, to create a bullet-proof mind & body – it’s the ONLY programme you’ll ever need

Could this be the help I was looking for?

I’ll be honest, I was sceptical. A few years ago I employed a fitness instructor through my gym. I paid for a seven week programme and all seemed well. At the consultation I said to the guy “I need you to call me out on my bullshit!” See, I know what I’m like. I have motivation coming out of my bottom, but I lack the drive. With this lack drive comes the most amazing ability to make up a myriad of excuses and justify why I didn’t do whatever workout he’d planned. And trust me, I can be damn convincing. “I had to work late!” or “I’ve lose bolt in my back that needs tightening!” and even “I think I might be pregnant!” I’d say whatever I could if I’d been too lazy to bother doing as instructed.

I’d told the guy to call me out on this. “Ask me if I’m telling the truth, tell me you don’t believe, ask for proof! Do whatever you need to but call me out on it!” I’d said. I’d explained that if he could do this I’d be better off and he’d get a repeat customer. Suffice to say he didn’t. Is there the possibility that this new guy could do it? The only way to find out was to book a consultation and that’s exactly what I did.

Today, as planned and after my horrendous return to Weight Watchers, he rang. My mind was clearer and knew I had to do something about this fat belly.

Matt Boyles. Pic courtesy of @FitterYouGlobal twitter profile.

Well Matt, the instructor, was lovely. Sounded confident, sounded like he knew what was talking about and when I told him about my penchant for bullshitting my way out of an exercise he told me I wasn’t the first person he’d had to deal with like that and would be happy to get tougher with me. And he actually seemed sincere.

One of the things I loved about the conversation was the explanation of the five stages of the programme. It’s more than just “here ya go, do these sit-ups!”, it’s an entire holistic plan and includes a weekly challenge to boost confidence.

So, once the call was over I chatted with Brad and as long as I made a few other small changes he said I could go ahead and join this new programme. I contact Matt instantly and bugger me I’m all signed up and now awaiting my first set of weekly instructions. Oh, and I’m shitting myself that he’s actually gonna call me out and I’m going to have work this time! I’m also looking forward to that!  So thanks for the sort of introduction @MattyCurry.  Hopefully I’ll be at goal in twelve months.

But, if I can’t moan about being fat what will I have to moan about? Maybe I’ll take up smoking again.