At the Mad About The Voice Ireland event I won a chocolate biscuit cake in the raffle. It was delicious. I know because I ate most of it. Brad had some but not much.

I’m sure you can imagine that knowing how much I’d eaten this week played heavy (pardon the pun) on my mind as I walked into Weight Watchers this morning.

No class as such as it’s race week here in Galway so it was just a weigh & go. I walked in knowing I’d be up but prepared to take the hit.

As Phil (my WW leader) says “When you’ve had a bad week, that’s when you need a class!” and she’s right. Skipping meetings doesn’t work – trust me, I’ve tried. The ole “I’ll have a good week next week and go back with weight off the following week!” only leads to more weight gain and not solving any problems.

So in I walked, head held high because I was accepting my failure and knowing I could work past it this week.

“You’re half a pound down,” said Phil.

I was speechless (it happens sometimes). I was sure I was going to be up and I’d accepted this. I’d done the same the week before, I’d gone in expecting to be up due the ‘BLTs’ but was still down.

So I read back last weeks entry, thought more about this weeks weigh-in and I have come to the conclusion that my head really is in the right space. I’ve been saying it but I was sure I believed it. I’m consciously counting my points even if I’m not tracking them on paper or in the app. I’m losing weight each week. I’m accepting the risk of being up but not looking at it as failing but more a lesson. Why do I think I’m going to be up? What have I done well? What do I need to change?

So another good week. That’s 9lb lost over four weeks. I’ll take that. Ever closer to the £100 from Juzz.