More utter shite!

So a “study” has discovered that people who are more attractive are more likely to be accepting of gay sex.

Well, that’s what you’d believe if you’d read nearly every fucking gay news website recently.

They’re a bit slow on the uptake, the report of the study was published in October last year. The reason I think they’ve been a bit slow is because it’s taken them that long to find a way to make the report sound not only like clickbait but also to suit their stupid fucking narrative!

Lets look at one site – – what’s the headline they give it?

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Even the fucking copy…

A new study has suggested that attractive people are more likely to agree with gay sex, because their looks open doors to sexual opportunities, that in-turn opens their mind. While unattractive people remain untouched, bitter and closed-minded.

Really really good looking! Pic from Business Insider and Paramount Pictures

God damn that’s some positive news for me and my queer mates. Finally, a group of people with the bonus of being really really good looking will accept that I have bum sex.

Oh fuck right off!

All this “study” has done is say “hey, if you don’t like people being gay you must ugly!”  The last line in the intro is particularly awful – “While unattractive people remain untouched, bitter and closed-minded.”  Fucking shameful!

Yes, I know it’s supposed to be humorous but I just can’t find it so because mostly these posts end up being shared on social media for the next fourteen fucking years and people get the wrong end of the stick. Which, given the nature of social media, it’s really goddamn easy! It’ll soon become a case of if you don’t take part in bum sex you must be really ugly!

Oh you, you don’t believe me?  You don’t think it’ll get twisted?

Seen something like this flying around on Facebook?

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Let’s look at this blog post, the one you’re reading right now.

So far the following swear words have been used: shite (2), fucking (7), shit (2), goddamn (3) (some people consider that swearing) and fuck (2). And it’s about to get worse.

Well holy mother fucking asshat I must be super fucking intelligent!

There aren’t many of you out there who know what qualifications I have but thanks to this study you now know I’m probably very intelligent because I swear a lot.

Oh do fuck off. Again.

The study that this came from didn’t say anything about people who swear a lot being more intelligent. What it actually said was intelligent people knew more swear words. Of course we* fucking do! Because we know more words! But do you know what, knowing more words doesn’t make me any more intelligent that anyone else. It just means I know more words! Want to know something else – I’ll bet my husband knows more words than I do because he’s very well read. He doesn’t swear a lot. He can’t be that clever. Go fuck yourself! He’s insanely clever!

Look, I’m gonna end this rant now but I want you to remember one thing: These studies are bullshit and you’re better off not only ignoring them but not sharing them either. Regardless of what a fucking study tells you you’re an amazing person. You really are. And don’t let any study or person tell you different. If they try, send those bastards to me!

*See what I did there?