My Core Values

In 2017 I trained to be a life coach, specialising in executives. It was a brilliant course and even if you don’t want to work as life coach it’s a course I’d recommend as the skills I learned on the course are skills I use almost daily.

Anyway, as part of the course we explored finding your core values, as to be a good coach you have to be able to get your client to recognise their core values.

Your core values can change over time and it’s always good to sit and revaluate them. So, while I’m visiting my parents I decided to reassess my core values. Doing one of the exercises I’d get a client to do, theses are my core values.

Family is a value that meets many of our needs simultaneously. We find love, security, self-esteem and development in it. Taking care of the family we have a great opportunity to positively influence the lives of our loved ones. In return we are generously endowed with love.

For many people, the family is a way to find balance and respite, and at the same time a strong source of motivation to make further efforts.

Family matters can be too engaging when all attention and effort is given to them. A little time for yourself will allow you to return to them with new energy.

In my family I don’t just include those blood relatives, I include some of my close friends.

It is a belief that we all deserve equal rights and opportunities. Equality is to protect us from injustice and exclusion. Ensuring equality does not come easily and requires breaking down many barriers.

Those who value equality recognize the need to guarantee equal opportunities and privileges for all. As far as they can, they strive to fight inequality.

The spread of equality in society is a long process. It is worth being aware that the effects of the efforts may appear after many years.

Social order is based on justice and honesty. Righteous people follow precisely defined principles in their lives. They expect the same from others. They generally have a very well-developed sense of morality.

The righteous follow the rules that apply to everyone. They actively defend this order and oppose all forms of injustice.

Not everything is black or white. Judging a situation fairly requires real wisdom.

Those who value health take conscious actions to maintain physical and mental fitness. They do not shy away from practicing sports and are happy to follow a healthy diet. They are aware of the consequences of insufficient health care.

People who care about health are often disciplined and systematic. Caring for health manifests itself in many elements of their everyday life.

In extreme cases, excessive interest in your health can cause harmful fears and concerns.

My diet is far from healthy but I do take my health seriously.

Financial stability
For people who value financial stability, money is important, but not the most important. It is a medium of exchange and is needed to fulfill your own needs and dreams. It is not an end in itself, but only an instrument needed to achieve it.

Conscious financial management is characteristic for those who value financial stability. They usually work patiently according to a predetermined plan.

In some cases, strict control over finances can turn into stinginess. Do not let money rule you.

I’m happy to work for my money as I love my job, but knowing I have that money coming in and can support myself and my family is important to me.

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