My favourite group/song

My favourite group/song

A question often asked when people are getting to know each other is “What’s your favourite song?” or “What’s your favourite group?”

Often people will reply “oh there’s too many to name!” and that’s understandable as music can be emotive and people can have lots of favourites.

For me though, it’s easy.

My favourite group is Erasure. I’ve loved them for longer than I care to remember and have seen them in concert around seventeen times.

Growing up Andy Bell was an out gay man who looked like he enjoyed life even though we, as community, were constantly being attacked. I wanted that. I wanted to enjoy my life even though we lived under Section 28 and the constant fear of being beaten on the streets for just being our true selves. My life was good but it wasn’t Andy Bell good!

Oh L’Amour, released in April 1986 was their third single and sadly didn’t too well in the UK charts, only getting to 85. In South Africa it got to number 2 in their charts! Annoyingly, Dollar, who I can’t stand, got their cover to number 7 in the UK. They covered in ’87, a year after Erasures original release! Who does that?! Talentless wannabes that’s who!

Anyway, below is a live version of Oh L’amour. It’s my favourite version of this song and although I was at this concert I have seen it performed like this.


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