At the weekend we had a lovely trip away. Not too far, just to Roscommon to visit and stay with our friends Pat & Marian.

Their house is a beautiful little contact on the main road but, with us able to close their front gates, we were able to take the dogs and give them the run of the large garden.

We spent the water afternoon/early evening chatting and then having a totally vegan meal. I was very touched that they’d gone to the effort of making everything vegan. Most people go to the effort of doing vegan food but it’s just for me, while they sit there munching away on something that had to suffer and be killed so they could eat.

On the evening we headed to a local pub and listened to a very talented young lady play the guitar and sing, occasionally joined by another lady on the harmonica. Everyone was so friendly.

On Sunday we drove to disused bog that had been turned into nature reserve and fairy garden. It was beautiful. Then we took the dogs to the lake and finally headed home.

Sadly my bronchitis is back so I’m sat relaxing and feeling sorry for myself but he weekend has been fantastic.

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