I should have a learned a long time ago not to open my mouth in public because when I speak I often say the wrong thing. It either offends and I lose friends or I embarrass myself.

The latter happened a while back and to this day I still laugh and then get a little embarrassed. I also not longer go anywhere near the place.

I was on a day off so decided to nip out and do some shopping. I also needed fuel and smokes so stopped at the petrol station in the town.

“Twenty menthol please and the fuel on number two!” I asked the cute chap behind the counter.
“Sure,” he says reaching for them.

I don’t know why I ask for packs of twenty as it’s all they sell nowadays.

The guy waves my ciggies in front of the barcode scanner but nothing happens. He press buttons on his touch screen monitor and still nothing. He punches the touch screen a bit like I do when I’m getting irate with technology, but still nothing happens. Eventually he gives up and moves over to the second till.

“I’ll take you up here!” he says.
“Oh I wish!” I mutter under my breath because he was kinda hot.

There is a pause.

“Did you mean to say that out loud?” he asks.
“What?” I stutter, “WHAT?! Jeez no! Sorry!” I say as I begin to go red.

He laughs and hands me the credit card receipt.

“Could you sign this please.” he asks as he hands me a pen*. He leans in and whispers “just your name and not your number,” and winks.

I sign, grab the fags and my card and speed out of the store. I can never go in there again!

*The fact I signed the slip should give you some indication as to how long as this happened yet I still cannot go in the place! I doubt here even works this now!