My starting weight was 23st 7lbs.  I joined Weight Watchers and got to 19st 2lb.  Then I totally lost the willpower to keep going and I wasn’t in the right headspace.  I also went through that phase of “I don’t need Weight Watchers, I know how it works now, I can do it without paying!”  There thoughts came in around week three and were totally wrong.  There are very few people who continue to lose weight without a facilitated programme once they’ve been a member.  Having been a member for a few years I’ve seen people like myself come and go and, like me, come back again, usually with weight on.

It took a long time to get to 19st2 from my starting weight and I got annoyed at this.  It took years to get to this size, why did I think it wouldn’t take years to get rid of it?  I also struggled to get past the 19st mark.  One day I got to 18st 13lb and the week later I was back up over 19st.  At one point I also got to nearly 16st but after a couple of stresses at work I started comforting eating.  My head wasn’t the in the right space to do anything about dieting but I was still attending classes and paying my money but not following any diet plans during the week.  It became a social event for me and to be honest I didn’t mind that as my “leader” (I think they’re now called coaches) is a wonderful woman with a heart of gold so it was nice to see her weekly.  In the end though I took a break from it.  Fifteen weeks to be precise.  In that time I went up to 20st 3.5lb and that’s where this table starts.  Originally I added my starting weight as 23st 7lbs but it skewed charts I was producing.  So, I’m going to acknowledge I started at 23st 7lbs but leave the table as it is and only record by weight since I went back to Weight Watchers.
Date Current Weight Loss This Week Total Loss
st lbs Lbs Kg Lbs Kg Lbs Kg
Starting Weight 23 7 329 149.23
08/01/2019 20 9 289 131.09 40 18.14 40 18.14