*RWT Import* – Well!

So I’m, halfway through week two of my Fitter You programme and today I had my second weigh-in at Weight Watchers. To say I’m amazed and happy just doesn’t seem to cut it.

When I went back to WW after Christmas I was 20st 9lb and at my first weigh-in (last week) I was down 6.5lb. At the time I’d only been on the Fitter You programme four days so was very pleased with those results but put some of it down to eating better, not just the exercise routine.

I’ve been as sick as small hospital all week!

Today I had my second weigh-in. I’ve lost yet another 6.5lb. That’s 1lb away from a stone in two weeks. This is insane! When Phil, my WW coach, told me I was in genuine shock. Even more so as I’ve done very little exercise since Saturday as I’ve been as sick as a small hospital. All laid up in bed and everything!

This afternoon, after getting my shocking loss, I thought about what I’m doing differently to get these types of results. Here’s what I think it is.

1. Tracking.
Weight Watchers always give you a tracker at weigh-in. You write in it all the food you’re eating so you can keep “track” of your SmartPoints. Matt told me to download MyFitnessPal and use that to monitor my calorie intake. I downloaded it but rarely use it as with my Weight Watchers membership I get access to their online tracker so I use that. Essentially it does the same as MyFitnessPal but I’m monitoring SmartPoints rather than calories. I find it easier.

2. Drinking more water.
I’ve never been one for drinking water no matter how much Phil told me to. That being said I knew, even before it was pointed out in my fitness plan, I wasn’t drinking anywhere near enough. I drink a lot coffee, tea and Coke Zero so my fluid intake is fine but all these drinks aren’t clean fluids. Water is. So I got myself a 2ltr barrel bottle from Aldi and every day I refill and drink the entire bottle. The first few days killed me but I’m used to it now and actually enjoying the challenge and goal of drinking two litres.

3. Exercise.
I used to do very little exercise and didn’t care. I knew that was the wrong attitude so when Phil would challenge us in class to do some exercise during the week I would always do it and then tell myself the was enough and that was I pretty awesome for doing that. This complete programme Matt has laid down is tough but it doable. And by tough I’m pretty sure, as I’ve said to him, that he’s trying to kill me.

So, for now I’m going to continue doing those three things because they seem to be working!