Wonderful Weekend

New friends, Erik and John came and stayed with us for the weekend, having travelled up from Waterford.

We had amazing luck with the weather and were sat outside drinking beers when they arrived. Of course, they joined us in the sun, with beers. I’d already explained to Erik what a wonderful cook Brad is but that we’d order takeaway Friday night and Brad would cook Saturday and about an hour later Mai delivered the Asian goodies.

More drinks flowed, the music played and Cards Against Humanity (CAH) came out. They both knew of the game but hadn’t played it. There’s no way you can “gently” introduce someone to this game. “Daniel Radcliffes delicious arsehole” and “Firing a shotgun in the air whilst balls deep in a hog*” aren’t the kind of topics that had a gentle background to them. Rules explained, cards dealt, we played. Rather than ‘first to ten’ we just kept playing and in the end Brad trounced us, amassing 36 cards, compared to Johns 16, my 13 and the 11 for Erik.

One of the rules in CAH is you have to keep ten answer cards in your hand. I can’t decide if John was just forgetful or a tad drunk but every time he took a card he had to count to make sure he’d got ten. This made me laugh.

Before bed we all went outside to see the Aurora Borealis, or the Northen Lights as they’re more commonly called. A few pretentious twats on the Fedivers started moaning about people calling this phenomena the Northern lights. Ugh! People! One (I forget if he commented on the lights) unfollowed me and about 500 other people (Brad included) a few weeks ago saying something along the lines of “they’re not my sort of people.” He’s not wrong. We’re not pretentious asshole who think far too much of themselves. I’ve only continued to follow him to laugh at some of the other shit he puts up. I’m waiting for the inevitable “don’t you know who I am?!” post, which will then get my reply.

Anyway, I’ve digressed, the light show. Amazing to see when over the top of my house. We’ve seen them from home before but literally just the edge in the far distance. To see it like this was incredible.

A night cap and time for bed.

The weather just as nice, we had a lazy morning and eventually nipped to the plaza for breakfast. Getting there late we ended up with lunch. It was even too late for brunch!

Following this we took a drive into Loughrea. They dropped me at the Gardai station as I had some forms to get signed and Brad took them off the lake and Long Point. I walked and met them at the hospital.

A walk around the inside and out of the Cathedral and then ice cream. Home via Brads work and the bottle bank.

We showed them all the best places! Way too exciting to take in all on one visit!

Rather than cook a proper meal Brad took advantage of the good weather and fired up the barbecue. While they chowed down on copious amounts of meat, I enjoyed my vegan stuff. Apart from the vegan skewer things which tasted like sweetcorn and loft insulation.

As the night drew in we played more games. Fuck, Selfish, Ring of Fire and finally Spoons. I won one game of Fuck but lost everything else. Was a fun night.

Another lazy morning. I shot up to the plaza and bought breakfast food and after we’d eaten that we spent the morning chatting, chilling and watching stupid videos.

After showers they said their goodbyes and Brad and I fell on to the sofa and caught up with our stories.

Left over from the weekend we have a tonne of food, enough booze to destroy multiple livers and some lovely memories with new friends.

We’ll be off to see them in Waterford soon!

*Made much worse when it’s your mother-in-law proudly announcing it!

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