Working on the 80/20

So in my efforts to get thinner and fitter I knew exercise was going to play some part in it.

Every diet plan you join…

Hang on, no, not every* diet plan does mention exercise and it’s important you know that. Why? Because it’s the difference between and good diet plan and a bad one. Eating healthy is all well and good but exercise must play some part. If you’re like me you’ll find any excuse you can to not do any exercise, and I do mean any.

“The doctor says I can’t.”
“I’ve got a report to write that I must get done in the next hour.”
“I’m not feeling well.”
“I’ve a bone in my leg.”
“Do you realise how dangerous exercise is?!”

No matter how big you are you can still do some form of exercise. Go to YouTube and look up “chair exercises” and you’ll get videos like this one and loads more.

See! You can still exercise while watching your stories.

Essentially what I’m saying is avoid diet plans that don’t mention exercise. The ratio you often hear is 80/20. 80% better and healthier eating and 20% exercise. There are certain diet plans that don’t mention exercise at all. Or rather it didn’t when I tried. It was all soups, shakes an porridge and made no mention of exercise at all. I was thrilled because at the time I knew no better.

You can lose weight without exercising so don’t panic if your doctor really did tell you that you shouldn’t do any – and yes, I’e been told that so it is a valid excuse sometimes. You’ll lose weight but it’ll be slower. You might not see the progress as much as you would when you just get out there and start walking or even doing those chair exercises.

Anyway, I’ve digressed from the point of this post.

Since going back to Weight Watchers the only exercise I’ve done is the odd walk and it’s usually been short and slow. That’s not essentially a bad thing as any exercises is better than nothing, but I could have done more.

I’ve used various excuses, some genuine, some lazy, but today there’s was no excuse that would suffice in getting me out of the exercise decision I’d made.

I had a business meeting at the Galway Plaza (it’s great for business meetings as the coffee is amazing and the selection of eatery’s good) so I decided to cycle there. Ignoring the fact I haven’t been out on the bike in over twelve months, it was only 8km and shouldn’t be too difficult. I’d checked out my bike yesterday while clearing the garage out so I knew that although it needs a few cosmetic touches it was essentially good to go.

I made the decision to cycle to the meeting at approximately 4am. Probably not the best time to make these kind of decisions but once it was made I wasn’t going to take it back.

Suffice to say I was right, it wasn’t too difficult. In fact, I took it steady and it was very enjoyable. I saw a lot more of where I live that I did flying past in the car.

After the meeting I had to the cycle back to contend with. Getting to the plaza was essentially all downhill with odd little incline now and then. This was going to be a nightmare.

Again, I was right, getting back was a different story. I managed 2km before I had to admit defeat and call Brad. Yes, this was an excuse I didn’t want to use but sadly both my knees gave way. I can’t afford to not work so I don’t want to end up cancelling work because I can’t walk.

Getting exercise is great but I need to accept my limitations. So now my limitations are set at a 10km round trip. Nothing bad about that!

If you’re interested you can see my route below.