Writing 1.1

EDIT: I started this again. See the new entry here: https://www.twelvereasonswhy.com/couch-to-80k-week-one-day-one/

I’ve started a writing course. It’s called “Couch to 80K” by a guy called Tim Clare. I’ve about five different books started but lack the motivation to finish them. I’m hoping this gives me that.

You have to spend ten minutes writing every day. He gives you the exercises and times the ten minutes.

Today was day one. The exercise was the write names. Not of people we know but made up names. The goal was to get to fifty in the ten minutes. I managed fifty-four.

Day 1.

Gloria Stormblade
Dean Tycel
Rob Peters
Elaine Monserrat
Sylvia Von Plath
Truman West
Martin Clearwater
Timoney Windows
Ignatius Foy
Lucian Del Gradden
Marion Sixsmith
Paul Van Clatter
Elizabeth Dowcester
Duncan Del Rio
Mary Westenheimer
Mark Spiller
Sandra Coughendrop
Roger Redden
Gayle Fortensque
Harry Pole
Harriet Littlejohn
Yolanda Erk
Roland Bach
Susan Trummer
Simon Callup
Miriam Yellow
Terence DeVere
Bernice Mishagos
Bernard Paulson
Geradline Harris
Gerald Evans
Bradley Gleave
Toliver West
Michelle Summersmith
Sarah Glade
Lucretia Yard
Madeline Ulverton
Maurice Harpingdon
Vivienne Coolidge
Trent West
Cynthia Vogue
Vanya Gray
Vonda Granger
Tim Spellman
Veronica Goodbody
Millicent Mayhew
Barnabus Clump
Verity Trimble
Paulette Agonda
Damian Sugar
Thora Contiford
Barbara Haskill
Lillian Thomas
Gordon Thwaite
Eve Histon